10 Best Christmas Gifts for your Boss

Before my blogging days, I was a retail associate, as well as an archivist for an engineering company. And in both cases, I was involved with preparations for the ‘office’ Christmas parties. These events were fairly painless to prep for, as we usually just set-up a buffet dinner with draws, door prizes and the occasional gift exchange. However, regardless of the simplicity of these events there was always one part of the festivities that proved difficult and awkward at times- and that was giving a gift to my boss! No one was required to give a gift to every single person they worked with, but not giving a gift to the person who hired you, and who holds the power of promotion over your head every single day- seems a little wrong, and as I just said a few moments ago-awkward. It can be particularly tricky when you don’t know them all that well too. Some managers want to be close with their employees, and they share stories about their personal lives with them. But it is more common for members of management to be closed-off and not bother with personal matters unless they have too. So naturally this makes the whole process of choosing Christmas gifts for your boss unsettling. But just like with your job- you should always do your best when choosing (and delivering) a Christmas gift for them, and as a result I have compiled a file of Christmas gift ideas that just might help make the whole ‘boss gift giving’ tribulation a little more easier to deal with! And hopefully- a little more fun too! 🙂

The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for your Boss

1. 12×12 It’s Okay to Be Bossy When You’re The Boss Plaque

Price: CDN$ 10.83 + CDN$ 7.95 shipping

As employees we may not always agree with this statement. But it is important to remember that business is just business and we should always strive to not take things personally when ‘the boss’ gets cranky or in this case- extra bossy! And as a Christmas gift, this shows that you respect and except your boss for what they have to do, and it may put a big smile on their face as well. Although BE WARNED– you may also have to endure quippy remarks like: ‘Darn straight!’ after you give this plaque to them 😉

2. I’m The Boss What’s Your Superpower- Office Party Mug

Price: CAD$23.16+6.50 Shipping

If your manager is the sarcastic sort than they are bound to get a kick out of this item; after all they may irritate you a lot, but they also hold a lot of power in their hands. (Usually) Regardless, it’s a pretty good way to get on your boss’s good side!

3. Focus on Your Goals Coffee Mug

Price: CAD$19.99 (Free Shipping with Amazon Prime)


This is a nice work oriented gift for both managers and employees alike. It is pretty easy to get distracted with other things in life besides your work, so this little item is great for putting your mind back on track. If you’re getting distracted a lot- look at your coffee! 😉

4. DCI XL Wine Glass

Price: CAD$33.81 (Free Shipping with Amazon Prime)

Now, when you give your manager an ordinary wine glass they may not think much of it, as wine glasses are common gift ideas. But when you give them a glass that withstands and ENTIRE BOTTLE of wine- than you are guaranteed to get a reaction out of them! Managers have to listen to all kinds of issues during the day- and not just from employees. So when they get home they’re usually ready to poor themselves a glass of wine and turn their phones off. And this particular glass will really bring some smiles! It holds up to 750ml of liquid!

With any luck you will be employee of the month with this gift. 😉

5. The Best Boss Ever Wall Art

Price: CDN$ 43.50 (Shipping Unkown)

This piece will go over well if you have a fairly close relationship with your boss. The message is sweet and kind, and will make your manager feel warm and fuzzy inside.

6. World’s Best Boss Mug

Price: CAD$19.59 +$12.00 Shipping

You might be called a ‘kiss-up’ by some of the other employees you work with, but this classic gift is a great boost to your managers ego, and might keep them in a good mood for a few extra days after the holiday season is over; which makes being a suck-up worth it in my opinion!

>>See Also: ‘World’s Best Boss Mug’in a  feminine style!

7. Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best… and Learn from the Worst

Price: CAD$15 (Free Shipping with Amazon Prime)

Most managers attend seminars that discuss team building skills and successful communication. This book holds in depth information about legendary leaders of both good and bad alike- giving insight on how to go about (and continue to be) a successful leader. So, if you know that your manager is looking to continue doing research and learning in this topic, this might be a good option for them. Just make sure you and your manager have a close, and open report so they will know the purpose behind the gift. 🙂

8. Wooden Hanging Heart Plaque

Price: CAD$10.83+$7.95 Shipping

Okay, this one is obviously a good option if you have worked with your manager for many years, and are quite close with them. This can be true if you work in an environment that involves a great deal of team work and judgement calls like working in a shelter for men or women, or another similar none-profit organization.  And this little decoration can go a long way to making them feel appreciated and not alone.  An excellent gift for Christmas indeed 🙂

9. World’s Okayest Boss Mug

Price: CAD$26.50 + $5.54 Shipping

Ha! This one is my personal favourite and I’ll tell you why- back when I was working in retail I had a manager who really wasn’t good at his job at all. And he didn’t always treat me with the respect I deserved. But he was oblivious to such things and thought he was ‘crushing it’ as a leader. So when Christmas rolled around I got him a mug with a very similar message on it. He absolutely loved it because he thought I was joking- which I wasn’t. And he used that mug for many years afterwards which made me smile and giggle a little whenever he wasn’t looking. So it turned out to be a gift for both of us, but for different ‘secret’ reasons! If you have a boss like that than this is great. And if not- this is a great gag-gift that will bring a smile and a few laughs to a manager who has a sense of humour.

10. Cancel My Subscription I’m Tired of Your Issues Novelty Mug

Price: CAD$53.35 (Free shipping with Amazon Prime)

Much like the giant wine glass idea- this gift expresses your understanding of all the difficult problems your manager has to deal with in a day. And it is also a fabulously written joke! I think any boss would appreciate this mug! It’s both thoughtful and clever.

I had an absolute BLAST creating this article today, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment below and to also take a peek at my ‘Fun Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25’ article. There are some really cool ideas there!

6 Replies to “10 Best Christmas Gifts for your Boss”

  1. Nice ideas for giving the boss a gift. Not sure if all bosses deserve it though lol. But if I do decide to give my boss a gift this Xmas or any other time I’ll remember to check out your site for some tips.  I hope many visitors to your site really get inspired by your site. Many thanks, Kenny 

    1. Hi Kenny!

      Thank you so much for the compliment. I agree that not all bosses deserve a gift but it can put them in a good mood, which helps a lot!

      Sincerely yours,


  2. One of the things I love most about your posts  is the uniqueness in it , you are not just a blogger but a creative writer. I can’t count the number of countless time have tried surfing the net recently on what I can give my boss in this coming Easter, seeing this makes me feel great because you just saved me the stress of cracking my head. I love the number “6” gift you mentioned “World’s Best Boss Mug” My boss is a lady, can I add her name to it? Is it going to be cool?? I will appreciate your response.

    1. Hello Labulo!

      Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words. You really made my night. Secondly, in regards to the mug, the item isn’t customizable, BUT you can get a similar mug here (https://www.amazon.ca/3dRose-M…) that is much more gal themed! It has purple sparkle writing with a nice blue handle and inside colour. I think either one of those mugs would be a very cool gift for your boss indeed!

      Please let me know how everything goes with your search, and if you need any more help at all, do not hesitate to let me know! I would be happy to continue to help you find the perfect gift for your boss!

      Sincerely yours,


  3. Ok, first of all I love the snow falling on your site.  I don’t know how you did that, but it’s super cool and so festive!  Maybe you can share the secret?  Secondly, I am a Christmas maniac, so all things Christmas is good for me.  I just finished watching one of my Hallmark Christmas movies on my Hallmark Now app.  Ooooh they have the sweetest movies.  Next, i LOVE all the great ideas for the boss, but since I started working on my own websites, last month I quit my job and I do this full-time now, so I AM the boss!  LOL.

    1. Hi Babsie!

      I REALLY love your comment, thank you! And congrats on blogging full time! I’m doing the same thing 🙂 You should totally get yourself a ‘boss’ gift at some point- it would be hilarious. Also, there is no secret to the snow falling. The effect came with the website theme! You can control how fast the snow falls too. If your interested in using it just type in ‘Christmas’ in the WordPress theme search and you will find one called ‘XMas Store’ that’s this one! There is also a theme with falling snow in the background instead of up top, but this theme is my favourite. 🙂

      I am siked to meet another Christmas fanatic like myself- hope to hear from you again soon!

      Sincerely yours,


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