5 Sets of Christmas Drinking Glasses You Don’t Want to Miss-Out On!

When it comes to preparing for the holiday season- Christmas drinking glasses are entirely essential! This may sound like a ridiculous thing to say at first, but when you take a moment to really think things over- you may realise that glassware plays an important role in the holiday festivities. In fact- they play three important roles:

  1. They provide lovely accents to the household Christmas Theme
  2. They lighten the mood of anyone who holds them
  3. They give all the party guests something to sip their Christmas punch with!

I know I know that third point didn’t need to be written down- but it is very possible to run out of clean drinking glasses at a party – especially if one or two of them break. So I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

As for that second point I made- the holidays can be hard on some people. It involves a lot of traveling, money spending, and small-talk with individuals they barely know. Therefore, it is important that every guest who comes into your home to celebrate Christmas with you feels important- and above all- loved. And having a cute (or pretty) holiday glass to put in their hand can go a long way to ensuring your guest feels all of these things and more. Particularly, if the drinking glass matches there personality; for example, if your friend really enjoys animals- then you may want to find a glass with an image of a reindeer on it. Or if they love snow- you can present them with a cup that is covered with snowflakes.

My husband and I have tons of different styled Christmas glasses in our home that range from dainty to festive and others- are just downright hilarious. But each and every one of those glasses brings a smile to someone’s face every year. 🙂

And now, I am going to show you 5 sets of Christmas drinking glasses that are guaranteed to fill you (and your future guests’) with Holiday Cheer!

Here they are!

The 5 Sets of Christmas Drinking Glasses You Don’t Want to Miss-Out On!

1.Christmas Tree Hiball Glasses- Set of 4 

Price: CAD $51.15 (Free shipping with Amazon Prime)

The Christmas Tree Hiball Glasses by Spode are made from clear glass with a 22-karat gold trim, and also come in a full line of dinnerware. The company has been making and selling these signature glasses since 1938 and are a MUST HAVE for anyone who has warm and fuzzy memories of gathering around a Christmas tree with their families.

A thoroughly gorgeous product!

However- they are NOT MACHINE WASHABLE!


2. Christmas Tree Wine Goblets with Gold Trim – Set of 4

Price: CAD 49.13 (Free shipping with Amazon Prime)


These wine glasses are also a creation by Spode, and are a delightful alternative to the Hibell Glasses if you prefer a grip that is thinner and light in weight. These goblets are also made from clear glass and have a 22-karat gold trim. The glassware includes a tasteful storage box as well.



3. Stemless Snowflake Wine Glasses- Set of 4

Price: CAD34.99 (Free Shipping with Amazon Prime)

These adorable glasses feature 4 cups-each with a unique silver snowflake in the middle. They are dishwasher safe and blooming perfect for throwing holiday parties, December housewarming celebrations or even just for sitting in front of the fire while you listen to your favourite Christmas song. 🙂

A MUST HAVE for sure!


4. Nightmare Before Christmas Collectible Wine Glass Set (Jack & Ooogie)

Price: CAD$30.00 (Free Shipping with Amazon Prime)


Don’t worry folks- I haven’t gone completely bonkers. For many people The Nightmare Before Christmas walks hand in hand with both Halloween and Christmas Day. The beloved characters are those you can celebrate with twice a year. In fact- I know several young couples who enjoy decorating their Christmas tree in Nightmare Before Christmas paraphernalia.They even put Zero (the little ghost dog) on the very top instead of an angel. I think it’s a nifty idea- and speaking as someone who adores collecting novelty glasses- this set would make a fantastic gift! The cups are official licensed products and come in novelty boxes with peak windows; which make them easy to wrap.

So you may not want to completely overlook these two while hunting for Christmas decor!


5. Elegant Christmas Phrase Wine Glasses – Set of 4

Price: CAD$34.99 (Free Shipping with Amazon Prime)

Much like the stemless snowflake wine glasses- these goblets have traditional Christmas themes engraved on them including: a Christmas tree, a snowflake, an ornament and a Christmas present. But not only do they have objects engraved on them- they also have tender hear-ted phrases as well. Merry-Peace-Cheer and Joy. If these cups aren’t a perfect match for a holiday get together- then I don’t know what is!

A pure treasure!

I hope you found this series helpful! If you need some Christmas decorations that are on the cheaper side- have a look at my 7 Inexpensive Table Decorations file!

Regrettably, there are no glasses on the list yet- but if you find one(s) to add- let me know!

10 Replies to “5 Sets of Christmas Drinking Glasses You Don’t Want to Miss-Out On!”

  1. It is nice to have a fancy glass, to have your Christmas drink, or eggnog in,especially if it has an appropriate picture, or greeting on it.

    I understand that most of them,are beautiful,and are made by Spode, but they are expensive,and fragile.

    I like the stemless snowflake glasses,they are attractive, and easy to handle, and also very importantly, dishwasher safe,they are my personal choice.

    The Christmas tree highball glasses, are also attractive,and hold a good volume of drink, which is good for thirsty travellers.

    1. Hi Robert!

      Yes, the stemless glasses are lovely. I find glasses such as these much easier to hold than ones with stems.

      Drinking glasses can be pricey as you say, especially when they are made for novelty purposes. However, the ones listed here are quite well crafted, thus they are worth their costs in my opinion.

      Sincerely yours,


  2. I really support that that it is normal expected of any households to hold the old glassware for Christmas as visitor will be paying them visits. Christmas is actually a unique and widely observe across the world as with great joy. It is important that every guest who comes into our home to celebrate Christmas with us feels important this next Christmas. Am already seeing the need for me to get some amazing glassware in my cabinet in the kitchen present use and keep some for the next Christmas. All this glassware are exceptionally beautiful but Elegant Christmas Phrase Wine Glasses – Set of 4 really meet my requirements. I will love to get it as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing this helpful information on this topic.

    1. I’m really glad you found this article helpful Topaz 🙂

      The Phrase glasses are  a fave of mine also- it’s hard for me to choose really, but if I had too it would be the snowflake glasses and the phrase glasses for my home and the Nightmare Before Christmas glasses for gifts!

      If you purchase the phrase glasses, I’d love it if you could supply me with a photo of them in your home! I bet they would look gorgeous.

      Sincerely yours,


  3. We donated all of our old drinking glasses away during the last Christmas because there was a flood nearby and people really needed supplies to get back on their feet. Houses had been rebuilt and the community is thriving again. Now I am looking at my empty kitchen cabinet and thinking of restocking for the holiday season, even though it’s still months away. 

    I love the design of the stemless snowflakes – maybe the red wine makes it more pronounced so I’ll definitely put that in the shopping list. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. I am so glad you shared your story with me Cathy- it is truly heartwarming- and really describes the essence of the Christmas Spirit. I’m sure your generous donations were greatly appreciated- and I’m certain you will be remembered for your kind act also.

      I agree that the stemless glasses are attractive. I have quite a few glasses in my cabinet that are similar in design- and the images on them really do look clearer when red liquid is poured into them. However, they are still really pretty regardless- and they make me feel warm inside when I hold them. That’s what counts. 🙂

      Lots of love always,


  4. I agree, we should make everyday like Christmas lol I always tell my husband that having the right glassware just makes whatever you drink tastes better. For example, I do not really enjoy drinking water that much but If I pour the water in a nice wine glass it makes me want to drink water even more. The Nightmare Before Christmas Tumblers by far are my favorite. I always watch it during Christmas time and also Charlie Brown 🙂 Thanks for sharing these glasses, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared 🙂

    1. You are most welcome for the post Nuttanee. 🙂

      I am thrilled you enjoyed it. The Nightmare Before Christmas glasses are my favourite also. They perfect for bringing smiles to a face.

      Sincerely yours,


  5. Ever since I broke one of my step mom’s Christmas glasses a couple years ago I have been thinking of buying her a new set.  The set of 4 with the Christmas trees on them look like just the thing.  I may have to get a set of the Nightmare Before Christmas ones for myself.  I currently have none and always have people over that time of year!  Great site!  Thanks  for sharing it.

    1. Hi, Thomas!

      It is so kind of you to find a replacement set for your Mom. 🙂 I’m sure she will be absolutely thrilled to receive any glassware you give her. The tree set is lovely  though. A real winner. I am contemplating buying that set also. It would be perfect for my aunt. She has a gold trim theme in her kitchen.

      If you end up purchasing the Nightmare Before Christmas Set – try to post a photo! I would love to see them in their new home.

      Lots of love always,


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