8 Great Drawing Ideas For Christmas

Wrinkle. Wrinkle. Wrinkle. Toss. Coming up with great drawing ideas for Christmas cards and printable artwork can be exasperating sometimes, especially, when the perfectionist side of you starts becoming obsessed with thoughts of originality. As artists, we all strive to create pure works of art that will both shock, and inspire our family and friends. But something we always forget to take into account when drawing is that despite our best efforts, it is next to impossible to be 100% original anymore. Almost every single idea that hits your brain will have been done by at LEAST one other person, particularly when it comes to Holiday concepts. Christmas has a tendency to bring out our traditional side, which means we will feel an overwhelming urge to sketch common items relating to this time of year, such as Snow-men, Gingerbread-men, Candy Canes, Tree’s and so on. So what can we do?

Well, first of all we need to remember that Christmas is not about perfection. It is about being with those we love, and showing them how much we care. Therefore, if you decide to take time out of your day to sit down and create a wonderful hand drawn image for someone you care about, then that person will be ecstatic. Not very many people make Christmas cards anymore, or even bother to send one out. So the individual who receives your card will be both, amazed and tickled that you took the time to make something just for them. Also, it is the THOUGHT that counts. I know I bring that up a lot in my articles, but it is true. When I receive a gift from a friend or family member, I am immediately thankful, and excited that they thought of me. I don’t think a whole lot about what is actually in the bag, because that is not what is important. Someone I love got me a gift. Therefore, I am gleeful, because it is from them. 🙂

Secondly, our family members are not going to mind gazing upon common elements of Christmas one bit. You ARE sending these drawings out in December aren’t you? If anything they will be expecting to receive cards covered with illustrations of bells, presents, and candy! So, don’t fuss so much about being original. Just draw something either you or the person you are drawing the image for, will love. It is important to have fun when creating a work of art otherwise your heart won’t be in it.

Keeping all of this in mind, I have arranged a list of 10 drawing tutorials that are guaranteed to fill your mind with riveting ideas for your next Christmas project!

8 Magnificent Drawing Tutorials for the Christmas Season

Image of Christmas Scene is ©Dawn from Dragoart.om.

A Christmas Fireside Scene: For me, there is nothing more meaningful than a picture of a Christmas fireside. When I was young, my family would visit my Grandparents every 26th of December, and happily gather around the fireplace on an exceptionally soft rug, where we would then share our Christmas Day stories. Sadly, as I am 27 years old and both my Grandparents have journeyed to the great beyond, this tradition is no longer in our family. But to this day, seeing and sort of fireplace drawing, painting or other image brings a happy tear to my eye, and I know that I would be overwhelmed with joy to receive a Christmas card with a fireplace scene on it. 🙂

CLICK HERE to learn how to draw a Christmas scene!

Image of Gingerbread House is ©Dawn from Dragoart.om.

 A Gingerbread House: This was one of my favorite traditions growing up! I always found it so amazing how little pieces of baked bread could transform into a little house simply by connecting it together with icing. Now that I am an adult I find the whole thing a bit tedious, but the tradition has been passed down to my little nephews and they love it! I think anyone would smile brightly if they received a gingerbread house artwork. It is such a great memory, and makes for a very colorful piece of art as well!

CLICK HERE to learn how to draw a gingerbread house!

Image of Christmas Presents is ©Dawn from Dragoart.om.

Christmas Presents: You really can’t go wrong with this subject matter! Christmas gifts are really common items to see on a holiday card, but items that are welcomed all the same. Most people who give their loved ones a physical gift; often include a card with images of wrapped presents included on them, in order to boost excitement. I personally always smile when I see artwork devoted to wrapped boxes.

CLICK HERE to learn how to draw Christmas Presents!

Image of Santa’s Sleigh is ©Dawn from Dragoart..

Santa’s Sleigh: We have all seen this fictional sleigh in our dreams, and we all get excited when we see a model of it on our neighbours roof-tops and lawns. It gives us hope that magic really is possible. Especially on Christmas! I don’t know about you, but I would love to receive a beautiful work of Santa’s sleigh. I definite thumbs-up!

CLICK HERE to learn how to draw Santa’s Sleigh!

Image of Candy Cane Heart is ©Dawn from Dragoart.com.

A Candy Cane Heart: Tired of seeing the traditional one piece of candy wrapped in a bow on Christmas cards? Well, why not try jazzing things up a bit, by creating a lovely candy cane heart! It shows others how much you care as well as adds a fresh perspective.

CLICK HERE to learn how to draw A Candy Cane Heart!

Image of Christmas Reindeer is ©Dawn from Dragoart.com

A Reindeer: Everyone LOVES animals, and what better creature to have appear in people’s homes on Christmas, than a reindeer? I adore drawing these magical deer; so much in-fact that I draw them whether December is approaching or not! Trust me. If you create a Christmas card that stars a reindeer on the front cover- your friends and family will be ecstatic!

CLICK HERE to learn how to draw A Reindeer!

Image of Christmas Heart is ©Dawn from Dragoart.com

A Christmas Heart: This image says it all! A heart is a fabulous and traditional way of showing someone how much you care for them, and adding a Christmas hat gives it an adorable touch, as well as shows how much you love the holiday as well.

CLICK HERE to learn how to draw A Christmas Heart!

Image of Christmas Star is ©Dawn from Dragoart.com

A Christmas Star: Are you familiar with the song, ‘We Three Kings?’ If so, this tutorial should bring it to mind instantly. This is a very simple idea for a Christmas artwork, but so beautiful and touching too! I can’t think of a better illustration to help guide our loved ones through the season and find the Christmas spirit.

CLICK HERE to learn how to draw Yonder’s Star!


Well, what do you say? Are you bursting with creative ideas? Or do you simply feel the need to pick up a pencil? If you feel any of these things, please feel free to leave a comment below! I would love to hear all about your creations.

2 Replies to “8 Great Drawing Ideas For Christmas”

  1. Thanks for sharing your tips for Christmas drawing. I love to draw and always like the way the christmas background drawings look on my computer. This is an interesting post and great to have around. The pictures also look easy enough that I can show my niece and nephew how to draw them. Keep posting I will be back for more great Christmas tips.

    1. Your support is both heart warming and appreciated Jen. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the other articles I plan to post here. In regards to the drawings- Santa’s Sleigh and the Reindeer is a bit on the hard side, but the others are fairly strait forward. But either way- you and your niece will add your own touches to it to make the drawings unique! Plus, its a Christmas drawing! There is no wrong way to draw a Christmas related item.

      I nearly yelped with excitement when you mentioned that you liked how Christmas backgrounds looked on your computer. I keep a Winter landscape image on my laptop all year round. It’s simple and yet gorgeous. You can fin it here for free:https://pixabay.com/vectors/landscape-winter-ice-cold-xmas-2024099/

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