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Bat. Bat. Bat. “An all year round Christmas blog- honestly?”

Christmas is a bizarre topic to blog about, and this, I am fully aware of. The holiday only comes around once a year, and when it does, there is usually a ton of shopping involved; followed by the ritual of hanging winter specific decorations around the interior and exterior of the house. So what is the point in discussing the subject all year round when the seasonal decorations and “Santa shopping lists” won’t be essential until the very last month of the year, December?

Well, as you know, Christmas is not just all about hanging decorations and making lists here and there. It’s about sharing with friends and family. It is about spending time with those we love and appreciating one another. It is also the time we set aside for valuing the deep warm feelings that don’t always stay with us throughout the other months of the year. Make no mistakes; everyone has different traditions, and so, each one of us hold particular aspects of Christmas close to our hearts. Well, personally, my favourite part of the Yule season is that warm feeling I get from my family and relatives around. The sense engulfs me like I’m being swaddled by a huge fuzzy blanket, and over the years I have ventured different ways of keeping that Christmas blanket in my life all year round.

The Christmas Blanket Adventure Phase 1

I began, by looking into the possibility of setting up an all year round Christmas Shop. Actually, my city is relatively small, and we never had a shop like that open in it. So, I pounded the pavement taking polls from anyone and everyone who had a moment to spare but sadly, the effort yielded more negative results than positives. More No’s than Yes’s were gotten, so I ended up discarding the whole idea.

Christmas Blanket Adventure Phase 2

After that, I developed an interest in animation, and I started designing free Christmas related dress-up games for kids to play online. But that plan regrettably fell along the wayside too, because I did not have the time to learn animation on an advanced level, which made my games too simple, and well, boring for children to enjoy. I realized I haven’t found my stop yet, so the adventure continued…

Christmas Blanket Adventure Phase 3

The third time was the charm! In 2016, I discovered that more and more people were expressing their thoughts and emotions through posting articles on their own websites. It was then that I learned the term: Blogging. Of course blogging has been around for years, but I never took much notice of it before, so I asked friends and acquaintances if they were into writing online articles, and they answered: “Yes, absolutely. But there is a certain way to do it, you cannot just write and post articles daily and expect an instant crowd. There are tools you will need in order for your site to become popular.”

I was instantly intrigued, and I scoured the internet trying to learn everything I could about posting articles online. Eventually, I stumbled across a community that is devoted to the subject of blogging, Wealthy Affiliate University. The university walked me through everything I needed to know, from creating my own website to finding the HOT keywords that will help generate traffic to the site. I studied the art intensely, creating several different websites through Wealthy Affiliate along the way. Once I got the hang of everything, I created Christmas-christmas-and-more-christmas.com; and dove right into sharing articles on my favorite subject. (Yep you guessed it. Christmas!)

Why Go Through So Much Effort To Share The “Christmas Blanket?”

Well, my coating of warmth comes from the feeling of being close with my kin (as you already know), and sadly, but understandably; it is much harder to clasp that familiarity during the other 11 months of the year, because we’re all scattered across different parts of the world, and can very rarely get the chance to meet together as a group. However, as the years have passed, I have managed to connect the memories and emotions of my family with every single thing relating to Christmas, be it a simple snowflake ornament, or a large Christmas stocking and in this case, I am able to touch my Christmas Blanket. So to me, gazing upon elements of Christmas is like being inside glee. And I know, most definitely, that I am not the only one around who shares a similar experience.

Now, I know I’ve been talking an awful lot about myself, but dear reader, I don’t want you to miss the point in all of this because I write this for you.  I want to share my Christmas blanket with you   because I think we’ve got something good here.  Think of it this way: Christmastime is merely a practice lap in the marathon of our lives.  During the holidays we practice generosity- we live outside ourselves for a couple months.  We experience joy in sharing our resources.  We teach children that it is good to share with others, so how would our world change if we modelled it for them throughout the year?

Here’s another thought: for many, Christmas brings out a creative side of them.  We tend to think that creativity is something that special people are born with, but in reality it is an ability that we all carry in our own unique way.  Growing up, we learned in school that it is important to learn how to think outside the box when solving problems, and how true did that advice ring once we got to “the real world”?  Creativity is so precious. We need to take time out of our busy lives to engage in play. We need to experiment to see what we are truly capable of.

Speaking of busy, many of us struggle to make time for our loved ones outside of the holidays.  In our daily grind, we can leave people behind and later on find that our last days here on earth are full of regret.  What would happen in your own life if you expanded your sense of tradition beyond that of the holiday season and created new traditions throughout the year to build intimacy with the people you care for most?  Let’s meditate on our festive practices to taste and see where their sweetness comes from.

Depression is a huge issue that spans across different cultures and civilizations.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 350 million people across the globe who struggle with depression.  It sounds to me like we could use a little more Christmas cheer to get us through the hard times.

Speaking of hard times, I recognize that for some people Christmastime is difficult.  We hold beautiful memories in our hearts of people who left this earth too soon- an empty chair at the dinner table is a heavy burden to bear.  If this is you, dear reader, my Christmas blanket is open and waiting for you when you are ready.  I would love to take a stroll down memory lane with you and hear those precious stories of yours.  Those memories will live on and we will hold fast to the joy of them.

Finally, I have one more important point that will help us justify stretching our Christmas cheer throughout the year: good planning takes time!  Gift-giving requires that we build our financial savings, or at least get a head start on those DIY projects we’ve had our eyes on. If we start now, we can build an arsenal of ideas by intentionally keeping an eye on the developing interests of our family, and friends: Oh to be that person who always gives the perfect gift!  We can also create a bucket list of winter fun so that our weekends don’t go to waste.

My Definitive Goal for Christmas-christmas-and-more-christmas.com

In conclusion, my major aim is to spread the white fuzzy blanket of Christmas around the world by offering little bits of the Christmas season and Spirit all year round. Through decorating guides, gift ideas, cooking tips and other assortments of holiday fun! Stay glued to this space so as not miss having this fuzzy blanket of Christmas wrap you warm all year round.

Let the overwhelming joy of the Holidays warm you from head to toe, throughout the year.  

I am sure you have questions and comments. Please feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment below, or by paying me a visit at my cherished blogging hang-out! (CLICK HERE to visit me at Wealthy Affiliate Dot Com).

Sincerely yours,

Darc’ie The Holiday Connoisseur



18 Replies to “About Darc’ie and Her Christmas Blog”

  1. Nice article I must say. I enjoy a lot during Christmas with my friends and family. Like you, my favorite part of Christmas is the warm feeling when my relatives gather at our house. Last year almost all of my uncle with his family were presented at the Christmas festival. This is really a great opportunity for all to get together at a time.
    Thank you so much for selecting this amazing subject of your article. And also thanks for your Christmas blanket thought.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hello Tushar!

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. My Aunt used to sing at Christmas festivals every year, and me and the rest of my immediate family would attend. My aunt has 4 children, and there are 4 people (including myself) in my immediate family circle, so it was a big table! Sadly, neither my aunt nor my cousins live in the same City anymore, but when we speak during the holiday season our minds always go back to the Christmas festival years. So, you are certainly right when you say that festivals are a great way to gather everyone you love together.

      You are most welcome for the Christmas blanket idea also- I’m so glad you like the thought as much as I do.

      Wishing you and your family the very best,



  2. My family and I enjoy Christmas probably as much as you do. 

    I like your concept of celebrating Christmas 365 days a year. You are doing a great job of spreading the joy of Christmas through your blog post and all the ideas you have shared so far. 

    I would be interested in learning of more ideas over how to combat the pain points that many, like myself, go through each year when celebrating Christmas has ended. If I could get more ideas in some areas like How to creatively keep the tree up so the takedown and packing of it doesn’t have to happen every year. All the very specific winter type decorations spread all over the house like my wife’s collection of snowmen, so they could stay up. 

    Any of these topics and those like them would be very welcomed. This would help us to celebrate Christmas with you all year long. 

    Thanks for taking on this topic of Christmas all year. 

    1. Hello Tod! Thank you for your delightful comment. An article on how to lessen the disappointment of taking down Christmas decorations or even how to keep them up all year- is an excellent idea. I would be thrilled to post on those topics under tips and guides section very soon. In the meantime, something that helps me get through the pangs of holiday take down, is leaving small decorations out instead of putting them away. Such as a candle, Church sculpture, or A Christmas stuffed animal. These are things that can blend in to the everyday decor so only you will take the most notice of it and their meanings 🙂

      Sincerely Yours 


  3. Thank you so much Darce, my heart is now bursting with Christmas cheer! I agree, the magic of Christmas with our parents and siblings tend to dissipate through the years, and can become difficult as families disperse all around the globe.

    What you propose is a great concept. Although, some years I’m very glad to see Christmas come to an end, as it’s so much work for certain people of the household. I love the lovely snow falling in your article. I live in the South now but used to live in the North, and very much miss snow.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article!


    1. Hello, Sue!

      Thank you so much for your delightful comment. 🙂 I completely agree with you about Christmas being difficult on certain family members. My Mum gets overwhelmed sometimes with the dinner preparations. My husband and I always offer to help- but she never lets anyone else in her kitchen!

      But that’s why I propose that we just keep the feeling of  Christmas with us all year and not all of the physical activities that go along with it! 😉

      I currently live in Canada, so we get lots of snow– there is still snow on the ground even now! (in April) The theme I chose for this site automatically came with the snow falling animation. You can control how fast or slow it falls too. I thought it was a nice touch.

      Sincerely yours,


  4. Hey Darcie,

    You just keep posting amazing stuff on Christmas. Ever since I read your last article, I bookmarked your website and I almost check it everyday to see if there’s something new in it. Your story is absolutely splendid!

    Why are you so passionate about Christmas? The reason why I’m asking is because no one talks about this stuff. Why are you so interested in it?

    1. Hello again!

      I am so flattered that you check my website regularly! I am planing  to most a lot more content very soon, so there will be more articles for you to read within the next day or two.

      A part of the reason I love Christmas is because I associate a lot of good memories with that time of year- and as someone who has suffered from depression my whole life- I find that accessing those memories as often as I can helps to improve my mood a lot. And the easiest way to access those cherished memories is though gazing upon Christmas related items! And I hope to spread the warm feeling of Christmas with the world 🙂

      Hope this little bit of info helps.

      Sincerely yours,


  5. Hi there, l’m here again. To be honest, I like your posts, they awaken the Christmas spirit. You are absolutely right about Depression during Christmas. I have witnessed that when I was still living with my parents, that feeling sucks. Thanks for the Christmas blanket tho. Blogging is fun but requires a lot of hardwork. 


    1. Hi, Alex!

      Lovely to hear from you again. Depression is something I can definitely relate to also- it’s one of the reasons I wrote about it. And I must admit that if I didn’t share my love for Christmas every once in a while- the depression just might consume me! But I love what I do here on my blog and it fills me with joy. 🙂

      Thanks so much for the compliments. I strive to be as happy and informative as possible with my posts.

      Love always,


  6. Hello!
    I love Christmas too and I think it is more as bizarre to talk about Christmas as you think, and it’s a great way to encourage others to still be generous and kind throughout the whole year and not just in Christmas season. Keep up with the good work and spreading the Christmas spirit throughout the whole world, which you are already doing! 

    I wish you the best for your website and I hope you can achieve your goals. And maybe you can go back and complete one of your previous projects? They seem really interesting! Don’t give up!

    1. Awe, thanks Mariana!

      It is true that a lot of my projects got shoved under the rug but I’m okay with that. I absolutely adore blogging and I honestly can’t see myself doing anything else- except for writing a book. Which is something I’m working on now 😀

      I completely agree that talking about Christmas all year can encourage others to be generous. Generosity is definitely something we need more of in this world.

      Sincerely yours,


  7. Christmas is such a big deal in our house. We put up trees everywhere and decorate the entire house. It is not just a small holiday here. Organization of the decorations takes most of the fall months and she collects things all year long. As soon as the Christmas is packed away in Jan, she gets out the snowman, she has a large selection of snowman in storage as well. I have one large room dedicated to Christmas and Snowman stuff.
    Do you have any storage solutions for those with large amounts of decorations.

    1. Hi, John!
      I can completely relate to you here. My husband and I also have a huge amount of decorations. For a while my study became a dumping ground for massive bins full of our Christmas decor and wrapping paper. Now, we keep the large bins in a plastic shed we purchased from a warehouse store. (Costco in our case). We keep all of our outdoor decorations in the shed outside- and our smaller bins of personal tree ornaments and things on large strong wooden shelves in our laundry room. We have several Christmas trees, and we keep them up all year round. We just unplug them unless they are needed for extra light- or some Christmas Spirit during tough days.

      I recommend browsing both online and local stores for plastic-easy to assemble sheds. If you don’t have a backyard or patio- I suggest looking for (or building) large double Decker shelves, and organizing your Snowmen and other decors as best you can that way. It may give you some more space!

      Hope this helps – Wish I was there to help you in person!

      Sincerely yours,

  8. This is awesome! I love Christmas. Who wouldn’t want it all year long? I think you have some great ideas here. I love the feeling and warmth the heart feels when it comes to the holiday so if that can be spread throughout the year then it’s a win.

    1. Thank you so much Jen!
      The website is very much in the infant stage at the moment- but I plan to fill it up with as much helpful and fun content as possible! I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself thus far. I hope to hear from you again soon.

      Sincerely yours,

  9. Yes, that Christmas spirit can disappear as quickly as December 25 passes, but as you rightly say it does not have to, in addition there is a lot to be gained by putting a few quid each month in time for Christmas or shopping in the summer sales! So yes bring it on early so we are feeling festive a lot earlier, bless you

    1. Hello Ann!
      Thank you so much for visiting today. Putting money away every month is a good idea. Christmas is such a huge holiday, and it is difficult to stay within a budget sometimes! Having a little bit extra could go a long way to making someone very happy. Whether they be a loved one, or someone in need.

      Sincerely yours,

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