So, you want to start a blog business. That’s fantastic! Hundreds of people from around the world are bringing in profits through niche websites just like this one. And you can do it too! Sure, it’s a lot of work and cash won’t start filling your PayPal account overnight. But if you stay focussed and fully commit yourself to your craft, then you will achieve great financial success. And I can help get you there in just 14 easy steps!

Step 1: Understand the process of making money online

Before you can start launching your business, you need to have a clear understanding of how bloggers (like yourself) are getting paid. But don’t fret, the technique is quite simple really- online writers are making a living through Affiliate Marketing. (AM) That title may sound scary and overwhelming at first, but this popular monetising method is actually fun and reasonably easy to learn.

The method of Affiliate Marketing works as follows:
  1. Build A Website Targeted to a Specific Niche (Topic)
  2. Post Helpful Content Regularly, and Share Your Work on Social Media
  3. Join One or Two Affiliate Programs That Are Relevant to Your Niche (i.e. Amazon Associates, EBay Partners or Clickbank).
  4. Incorporate Links or Banners To Your Affiliated Products In Your Articles
  5. Visitors Will Find Your Articles Through Social Media and Purchase Products Through Your Links.
  6. You Will Earn 1-75% of Every Sale.
The process explained in 4 steps instead of 6!

See? Marketing isn’t so scary. It’s just a matter of educating others on your favourite subject and inviting them back for more great news; which brings us to step two:

Step 2: Choose a niche for your website

What do you like talking about more than anything else in the world? Are you passionate about cars or computer games? Do you enjoy teaching others how to draw?

All of these things can be an online business. In fact virtually ANY topic you can think of can be turned into a full time blogging career. Just close your eyes and think about what makes your heart sing.

If you are truly passionate about something it will show in your writing, which will encourage others to become passionate about it also. Don’t get swayed by other blog authors who discourage you from writing about your passion. Many online writers think it’s best to note about a topic that they already know is popular, so they won’t have to worry about viewers disliking their niche. But choosing a popular niche won’t do any good if you are not passionate about the subject you chose. The lack of enthusiasm will come through in the articles you post and readers will retreat to another website where they feel more welcome. If you don’t have any knowledge on a particular subject- don’t try to write about it! Your website will become a full-time job someday, so don’t make it a miserable one by writing about something you don’t enjoy!

Step 3: Become a member of

Now that you’ve chosen your niche, you need a powerful hosting platform to launch your website. There is a wealth of online platforms out there which offer beautiful templates, however, looks aren’t everything! Ideally you want a web host that offers the following systems:

  1. A Health Monitoring System that allows you to track the growth of your website so you will have the best chances of being recognised by major search engines like Google and Bing.
  2. A Comment System for you to start a thriving discussion with your visitors.
  3. An outstanding Technical Support System that can quickly fix any problems that may occur with your website.
  4. A Security System that protects your website and its content from hackers, malware and bot-net attacks.

Yes, finding a web platform that offers all of these tools is a really hard thing to do, but it’s not impossible. Why? Because I found one! And that platform is known as is the most powerful online hosting platform available today. Not only does it offer all of the tools listed above, but it is much more than just a web host- it’s an entire community! Seriously, is connected to Wealthy Wealthy Affiliate is a massive online company that offers hands on training to anyone who is interested in becoming a full-time blogger, or in professional terms- an Affiliate Marketer.

Through Wealthy Affiliate you will have the opportunity to share your website with other members of the community and receive helpful feedback in return. The more feedback you’re presented with, the healthier your website will become! No other web platform in the WORLD offers that much support!

Have a look at the chart below to get an idea of the communities pricing.

Step 4: Select a name & template for your new site

This is the easy part! Start by selecting the free domain option on the SiteRubix platform.

Once you have done that, brain storm names or phrases to give your domain. That is what I did when creating

Watch this video on how to set up your SiteRubix Website!

I find that the easiest way to go about choosing a domain name is to use a phrase that gives a clear description about your niche. If you get stuck- check out the nifty example below!


Following this action, view and select a template you like. If you joined Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you will have access to hundreds of professionally styled patterns. If you have chosen the free subscription- you will have three or four models to choose from.

When you find a template you like, you can press the ‘build website’ button.

Step 5: Purchase a domain

Now that your website is live on the web, you can create a more professional image for yourself by purchasing your own .com domain. Wealthy Affiliate has a simple step by step process for domain purchases. (You can claim a .com for less than $15 USD).

View the video below!

But please keep in mind that only Premium Members will be able to transfer their free domain to a newly purchased domain.

This brings us to the next step…

Step 6: Move your SiteRubix domain to your .com domain

As I mentioned above, Premium Affiliate Members can move their free domain to their newly purchased .com domain. Simply visit the ‘Site Manager’ section, and click on the ‘move’ button. From there you will be able to select the domain name you wish to move your site too.

You will receive an email once your site has successfully changed locations. The whole moving process should only take a few minutes.

Watch the ‘Moving your domain’ Video!

If you are not a Premium Member that is perfectly Okay. You can build your website on a free domain. Having your own domain name merely gives your website more authority, and as your site grows; your name will gain more dominance and eventually be worth money.

Step 7: Create a logo

This step isn’t mandatory, but it is definitely a lot of fun! If you are not happy with the  title displayed on your chosen site template- you can visit and choose a free word logo. With Cool text, you can change the font styles, colours and even add images to some of the logo choices, and it’s all FREE!

Step 8: Publish an About Me Page

In order for you to run a successful business, your visitors need to know that they are talking to a real flesh and blood human being. Tell them a little bit about yourself and your great new website! If you need help getting started, the WA community offers an ‘About Me Page’ template for you to follow.

>>See my About Page HERE

Step 9: Post a Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure Page

Not everyone who visits your site will read these pages, but they are mandatory for running a legitimate, safe, blogging business. Visitors need to know what happens to the information they provide to you on your website, and they also have a right to know that you will receive a commission for any purchases they make through your third party affiliate links.

If you are unfamiliar with writing such pages, that’s okay. The WA community offers templates for these too! Their training covers everything.

Step 10: Do some keyword research

Keywords are phrases people use to locate a certain topic on the web. Chances are you found this post by typing ‘how to start a blog business’ into Google. That is a keyword. And in order for viewers to find your content, you need to locate hot keywords and integrate them into your post title, and first paragraph. This is called, ‘creating keyword rich content’, and it is the cornerstone to a successful blog business!

However, you can’t just type in any phrase that is relevant to your topic- you need to find phrases that are low competition. In other words- you need to find keywords that are being used by less than 100 competing websites. (Competing websites are those that are similar to your own).

This can be done by taking advantage of Jaaxy is a powerful keyword search engine that will tell you how many searches a word receives per month, how many competing websites are using the exact same keyword, and how high (or low) your chances are in ranking in Google Search with said keyword.

Jaaxy allows you to search for 30 keywords 100% free of charge. After you have exceeded the search limit, you can join Jaaxy for $49/month and receive unlimited access.  In my opinion, Jaaxy is a bloggers best friend! If you use Jaaxy- you will not fail!

CLICK BELOW to check out Jaaxy for yourself!



Go to Google and type in something related to your niche; in my case it could be a post about Christmas products, so I would type in ‘’best Christmas trees online’. By looking at similar titles on the web it will give you an idea about what people are looking to read, and what keywords you can try out in Jaaxy. Once you have your keyword- start writing!

Step 12: Join a few affiliate programs

Now that you are in the habit of looking for great keywords, you can start keeping track of hot topics to write about. Once you have several posts going, you can start joining affiliate programs and integrating them into your articles.

For every subject there is an affiliate program. You can find them by going to search engines and typing in ‘your subject’ + affiliate program. So for example, ‘Christmas lights affiliate program.

Once you have found more than one affiliate- join them! Have a look at the banner ads and direct sales links they offer and find ways to integrate them into your site. Some common methods of integration are writing reviews on the product, or posting a link under a relevant paragraph on your website with the words, ‘see also’ in front of it.

I.e. >> See Also: Relevant Affiliate Programs are everywhere.

Step 13: Make sure you continue to publish content regularly

In order for your website to be trusted by search engines, you need to update your site regularly. Keep making notes and writing articles as often as you can.

Starting off slow is more than okay. In fact- I recommend it! Take your time until you get the hang of things. Once you’ve gotten into the writing groove you can start a post schedule.


It’s better to have a few really informative articles than 100’s of really short posts that aren’t helpful to anyone. The more informative you are, the more successful you will be!

Step 14: HAVE FUN!

This is the most important step of all- ALWAYS HAVE FUN!

Running a successful blog business is a lot of work. Most blogs don’t start making money for at least 6 months- sometimes even a year. So choose a topic you love. When the writing gets tough- take a break. Step away from the computer, go for a walk, eat a cookie or take a few weeks off to clear your head. Your blog will be here waiting for you when you’re ready.

This page you’re reading now is actually a great example, because explaining how to start a business is quite exhausting. You need to make sure every word in the article is clear while giving lots of helpful tips and examples. So, I started by outlining this page, which took about 7 minutes. And I wrote the first introductory paragraph in about 10 minutes. After that I put my laptop away for the night, and went back to writing the next day. I wrote a little at a time until I came to an end. This whole article is over 2000 words long -so that’s about 3 days’ work for me-

What I’m saying is: don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a while to write a good post. Set HUMAN standards for yourself and remind your brain that it’s okay to have limits. So long as you keep these things in mind, working on your blog will always be fun and before you know it- you will be a professional affiliate marketer!

Thank you so much for reading all of this today. I know it’s a lot of info to take in at once. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below or get in touch with me through my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

(Also, don’t forget to browse some awesome Christmas articles before you leave 🙂 )

All the best to you,

Darc’ie from

10 Replies to “How To Start A Blog Business-14 Easy Steps”

  1. Hi, Darc’ie this is some great detailed information you gave us. I love the whole step by step you have here I know many blogs tend to have very little or not enough information. You make this process super easy to go by. I have been part of the Wealthy Affiliate community for over a year and it has helped me immensely with building a presence in the online space. It’s a great way to generate some extra income or even full-time income just as long as your willing to put in the work. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Viviana!
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. And congrats for being a WA member for more than a year! That is indeed a huge accomplishment. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make a living online and WA can very easily help you accomplish your online financial goals, so long as you follow the lessons and ask for help when needed.

      I am thrilled that my step by step process is easy to understand. No one should have to feel overwhelmed while achieving their dreams.:)

      Sincerely yours

  2. Hi Darc’ie,
    Great article!! You have broken down the process perfectly!
    Many people think they can’t start their own blog but as you explained, it’s quite easy when you know the steps to follow.
    Then it’s just a matter of time, patience, and hard work.
    The end results are so worth it!! Who doesn’t love making money online lol.
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I highly recommend them. It’s the only online platform that has everything under one roof. And your readers won’t find anything elsewhere for their low membership fee.
    Thanks again for your great blog.

    1. Hello Suzanne!
      Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. Over the years, I have seen many posts on how to launch a blog, but not very many posts on how to make money with them. So I thought I would share my expertise in that area.

      I agree that the end result is completely worth all the hard work, and I can honestly say it’s the best path I have ever chosen to follow! 🙂

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts,

      Love always,

  3. Hello, Darc’ie and thanks for this great post.  Very informative and I like the way you have done it step by step.

    I have been a member of WA for about 3 years now, (not making money but that’s on me) and it really is the best platform for AM training on the Internet.  

    Being able to spend time building a website is the most important lesson one can draw from this post.  Being consistent in writing content is the key and the main reason I haven’t found success… YET.  I am giving this another go and am retiring soon so, I will be able to commit more time to this aspect of building my site. 

    I have plenty of ideas for content so that part won’t be an issue.

    You are right when you say that AM is not as hard as it looks. There are many success stories in the WA community and one does not have to look very far to find them.

    I know that I am going to do this and anyone wanting to do this and break away from that job that ties you down would do well to sign up for the free account at WA.  They really have nothing to lose and they will soon find out just how awesome the platform is.

    Thanks again for this post and I hope many read it and consider joining WA.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Wayne!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m touched that my post has been of benefit to you, and I know that you will be a HUGE success in the AM world! Going at your own pace is essential for completing any long-term goal, and as long as you don’t stop learning and growing, you will succeed! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Sincerely yours,


  4. Hey Darc’ie, thank you for sharing this with the wide web.  The way you laid out the 14 steps makes me hopeful that I can make my blogging business work.  You are very clear and simplistic yet provide all the details I need to understand each step.  Your ‘Have Fun’ step I am missing all together cause I am so stressed about trying to keep up. 

    What ways do you keep up with all the other steps of actually running / posting to keep your business going? Do you have a schedule or any tips/tricks for someone just starting out once they complete steps 1-13 to make sure we can keep having fun?

    1. Hello Smctee!

      Those are excellent questions that I can certainly help you with. When you first start blogging it can be a bit overwhelming, because you fear you won’t be able to keep up like you say. But what took me some time to realize is that there is no ‘right way’ to create a blogging schedule when you are first stating out. Only YOU know how many hours you can spend per day working on your blog and only YOU know when your body needs a break. My suggestion is to listen to your body and your mind. If you are overtired and over-stressed, you won’t be able to come up with new ideas. That’s just how the brain works. And although it is important to post content regularly that doesn’t mean you need to post every day. You can start by posting once a week and work your way up from there 🙂 And even when you are not posting, you can spend a few minutes on the weekends or during the week (whatever works best for you) to just build on your site like installing share buttons and such. That in itself is progress. It’s your progress. And taking some time to browse the WA community and chat with people is just as great a progression as posting, because you are taking the time to make friends with those who are doing the same thing you are. Having connections with other bloggers is great for moments when you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Sometimes, all it takes is someone to lift you back up with a kind word or two.

      Anyway, I’m sorry for the ramble. My overall advice is this: Once you have your website up and running take a break for a few days. Once you are feeling rested and positive, start by writing one post with 1 targeted keyword and take your time. Aim for posting it within 7 days. It’s okay to go slow when your site is brand new. After that keep aiming to post one article per week until you are feeling good about it. Once you are comfortable you can create a more frequent schedule for yourself and aim to publish content twice a week or whatever is comfortable for you. If you make sure you are taking time for yourself when you need too and really take the time to enjoy each line you write in your post- you will always have fun 🙂 Never get down on yourself if you fall behind though, just remember that you are human and you need to set human standards for yourself. Once your site has been around a while, and you start producing traffic regularly, than you can reevaluate your schedule and posting speed to see how you can start posting more frequently. But don’t over stress or over think it! Just roll with it!

      Speaking as someone who is in the process of writing a book: enjoying and celebrating each line you write whether it is for a book or blog post; is the key to FUN! Whenever I’m done writing a full paragraph (for anything) I take a moment to get up and jump a little saying ‘GO ME!’ It’s not silly- it’s fun. 😉 High fiving a family member or friend if they are around is a fun thing to do too! And when you’ve reached the end of the week- celebrate with a smoothie

      All my love to you my friend. Your going to do great.


  5. This is awesome. I’ve been wanting to get started with affiliate marketing since I know a few people who are doing it but I couldn’t find the right information to get me started. This is a great guide for that and as a stay at home mom I can use this time to build my own business and join some affiliate programs. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. You are most welcome Jea!
      I don’t have children of my own, but I really admire stay-at-home parents. My Sister-in-law is a stay at home Mom also, and she has found affiliate marketing (as well as survey taking) to be a great source of income for her and the family. Especially since she can work at her own time and pace.

      If you need a hand with anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch!
      Sincerely yours,

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