Make Your Own Colouring Pages for the Christmas Season

So, you want to make your own colouring pages and give them out at your upcoming Christmas celebration. That is wonderful! Colouring is an activity that both children and adults enjoy. It can be calming, inspiring and above all- it is just plain fun! Colouring pages are really easy to obtain as well. You can find both adult, and children colouring books in local stores for as low as, $1.50 (depending on where you look) and you may also find free printable colouring pages online too.,, and are just a few websites that offer great Christmas colouring pages for you and others to take pleasure in. Christmas has a tendency to bring out our creative and thoughtful side however, which means printing out random pages online, or buying activity books off the shelf can seem a bit work-shy and impersonal during this time of year. So of course, you want to create colouring pages that are 100% yours, by drawing original line-art’s for your guests to colour themselves. This is a fabulous idea, and one that can be accomplished in just 3 easy steps!

The Steps

Step #1: Draw your Christmas image(s). Don’t worry about being perfect. A colouring page does not have to be terribly detailed. Too much detail can actually make the outline too difficult to colour in; especially for children. So, once you have a clear picture in your head of what you want to create, start drawing your design in the middle of the paper, and cover as much of the page as possible. You don’t want your image to be too small either- or the joy of colouring won’t last long.

Once you are satisfied with your piece, take a fresh article of paper and trace over the original drawing in pencil. This will ensure your image looks nice and clean.

If you have doubts about your drawing abilities, take a look at some Christmas drawing tutorials online. I have listed a few of my favourites HERE.

Step #2: Outline Your Drawing(s). Take a thin black outlining pen, and gently go over your pencil sketch. Once you have completed this step, give your outline a few minutes to dry, and then take a firm eraser and very carefully erase any pencil marks that are still visible.


Step #3: Make Photocopies of your Line-Arts. This is the easy part! Find a photocopier and scan your line-art, so you may print out several copies for your guests. I like to print out more than I need encase someone wants to start over again, or take some pages home with them. When I draw I usually sketch at least 5 different scenes, so my family and friends will have options to choose from.

Now all you have to do is pick-out some nice felt markers! I suggest purchasing some thick none-smudge felt pens. Pencil crayons are also a great option. I have a large bin of pencil crayons that I like to leave out with my colouring pages along with a few pencil sharpeners, and erasers.

HOORAY! That was easy right? Art doesn’t have to be complicated, particularity during the Christmas season. So don’t over-think the project! Just have fun. 🙂

Please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear all about your colouring page adventures.

Feel the holiday season all year round

12 Replies to “Make Your Own Colouring Pages for the Christmas Season”

  1. I am from Brazil and I never had this tradition of drawing images for colouring on Christmas. My mother used to buy books when I was a kid, but not draw herself as she was not very good at it. Lol But yeah, I agree that it’s way more fun to create our own pictures and you have given us great tips to accomplish the mission. Thank you so much!

    1. You are most welcome Stefan!
      I’m not the best artist in the world either, but there are some really great tutorials out there to help with that! In fact- I have a post dedicated to 8 great drawing tutorials! You can find it in the ‘Holiday Fun’ Menu.

      Thanks for the compliments!

      Lots of love always,

  2. Yes when it is Christmas in the air, it’s lovely to have a wonderful coloring pages for Christmas. Both kids,  teens and adults always find the Christmas period lovely and fun. I love the art drawings in this article, it is well explained and not difficult to do. I will follow through your your guidelines to make my own drawings too as well because it is Christmas in the air. Thanks for sharing this article. 

    1. I’m so glad that you feel Christmas in the air already! That is exactly what this website is intended to do. When you have completed your drawings I hope you will share them with me.


  3. Hi, DARC’IE. What an helpful and informative article! I had been searching the internet of recent on this topic, but your post had really be of help. I have been looking for how to show my siblings some amazing surprise the next Christmas. This is wonderful. Colouring is an activity that both children and adults enjoy. It can be calming, inspiring and above all- it is just plain fun! Colouring pages are really easy to obtain as well. Even you have make the procedures simple for me through the steps and helpful site included in the post. Thanks for your great tips.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, sir. I hope to hear from you again about your drawing (and coloring) adventures.

      Sincerely yours,


  4. Hi!
    I really liked your post and I will try to draw something for Christmas time and have my family coloring my drawings. Colouring is not really a very common activity that adults and children do together in my country, but I think my family could try add some new things to our Christmas traditions. 

    Christmas is one of my favorite celebrations, so I really want to read your other posts and the upcoming ones!!!

    1. Hi Mariana!

      Your comment means more to me than I can say- I have always dreamed of sharing my love of Christmas with others around the world- and your excitement to read more of my posts drives me to post more quickly.

      To be honest- colouring together isn’t something my family does either. But as you say- its great to add new traditions to the holiday season!

      Best of luck!


  5. Hello Darcie, great article. When it comes to drawing, I am not all that perfect. So when I started reading your article about drawing Christmas images in order to colour them, I was skeptical if I can be able to do the right thing, until you mentioned the fact that the images doesn’t have to be perfect.

    I guess I will have to take your advice up by looking at some Christmas drawing tutorials online. You have shown me through your descriptive article that I can pull this off by following the steps you listed.

    Thanks for your informative article.

    1. Hi Gracen!

      My heart is gladdened that you found my short little article so informative. I understand about being skeptical when it comes to drawing. But when it comes to Christmas, I like to push my perfectionist tenancies aside and just have fun.

      If you are looking for some cool tutorials- check out these ones here: http://christmas-christmas-and

      They are free & Christmas related!

  6. It’s too early for this! Lol, I’m jk, Christmas is my favorite time of year and now that I’ve met my girlfriend and she has a little 3 year old nephew that like to come and spend time with us, this guide will be perfect. He loves Christmas and he loves to color so its a match made for each other. Thank you for the article!

    1. Hello there, Corey!

      Drawing and colouring is so great for kids- and it can really bring a family together!

      When it is a little closer to the Christmas Season I hope you will return and show me what you all made together!



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