The Top 10 Classic Christmas Songs of All Time!

Do you believe that music has healing abilities? I do. Whenever I find myself feeling discouraged and struggling with life goals; whether it is a blog post, short story, or some other large project- I pick-up my MP3 player and listen to my favourite song. (Usually while relaxing in my rocking chair). Immediately following the end of a ditty, I feel an instant change in my mood. Typically, I listen to tunes that I think are uplifting like, ‘Better Than I by Dallyn Vail Bayles’(Originally from the film Joseph King of Dreams). Or ‘Pure Imagination by Josh Groban (Originally from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Yep! After hearing a few positive phrases from these artists’- I’m usually ready to hit the ground running! However, these wonderful works of art are not the only ones I listen too- I also concentrate on Christmas Music! (This probably doesn’t surprise you since you’re on a Christmas site!) In fact- Christmas songs are usually my first choice. And today I’m going to share with you the top 10 classic Christmas songs of all time!

Are you ready? Here comes the list!

1. Hark! The Hareld Angels Singthis is the most powerful Christmas Song I have ever heard. The lyrics are incredibly uplifting, and the combination of instruments and choir is so beautiful it will make your eyes water and goose bumps run along your arms. I personally listen to this song every day. Actually, there are days where I spend 2-3 hours in my rocking chair just listening to Hark. (No joke. I really do this).

2. It came upon a Midnight Clearthis one is also a tear dropper. (But not as much so as the first song listed). Midnight clear has the ability to instantly send the listener into a state of relaxation with intense feelings of hope and wonder. Don’t believe me? Just close your eyes and concentrate. It will happen.

3. The First NoelI have yet to meet someone who hasn’t heard this song at least once before; while it is popular to shoppers, Church goers, and Christmas Carollers for the songs favoured verse: ‘Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!’
Yes indeed. If you are in search of a popular tune to get you in the Christmas spirit- I can’t think of a better song than ‘The First Noel.’!

4. Silent Night- Oh, this is such a gorgeous melody! ‘Silent Night’ has appeared in best-selling novels, popular films, and HIT band CD’s. And I think it goes without saying that no matter how many different ways this song is presented- it is always fantastic. I have never heard a badly recorded version of this classic carol.

5. We Three Kings of Orient Are If you ever feel lost in life or on Christmas Day- than I highly suggest you listen to this song to help you find your way! (Yes, that rhyme was intended). If you close your eyes and picture a bright star shining in an otherwise starless sky- than your troubles may not feel so troubling after all. It’s a great reminder that everyone gets lost now and then, but will always get where they need to go in the end.

6. O Holy NightThis song may be slow in speed, but it has an incredibly powerful verse that is guaranteed to send shivers up your spine every time you hear it. The verse is as follows: ‘fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices
Oh, night divine’
Mere words cannot describe how touching those phrases are- all I can say is- listen to it and find out for yourself!

7. Oh Come All Ye Faithful- A great tune to listen to (or sing along with) when you are sitting with friends and family. It is hard to say why- but for me the rhythm just has that impact. When you hear it on your own the verses feel empty. But when you’re surrounded by others- it feels cheery and meaningful.

8. Ave’ Maria- Do you like Opera? If so, than this is the Christmas Song for you! Traditionally, Ave’ Maria is sung by a male voice artist who sings the chorus in a high range manner- and holds the notes for an impressive period of time. A popular song and one that is well worth hearing. Especially for the first time.

9. Little Drummer BoyMuch like Silent Night– this song has been recorded many times. And frequently gets a special mention in sitcom holiday specials due to its wonderful message that although you may not have a lot of money- you can still give a meaningful gift! The song also has a memorable beat. A true classic indeed!

10. Away in a Manger- Unfortunately, this sweet little song gets shoved under the rug now days. Christmas music often gets turned into remixes, and although there is nothing wrong with that- there are some songs that just don’t sound right when you change up the tune- and ‘Away in a Manager’ is one of those songs. To sing it any-other way would just sound wrong or disrespectful. The sign of a true classic! So don’t let this song disappear completely Okay? Give it a listen every once in a while or put it on your music device so it has a permanent home.

Now, don’t let the moment get away from you – experience the healing magic of Christmas melodies, and keep them close to your heart all year long! I guarantee you that if these songs are listened to on a regular basis- you will feel more aware and hopeful about the future.

Happy listening, everyone!

Also, please keep in mind that the links provided lead directly to the artists’ full album. You may have to scroll a little bit to find the song you are looking for. But don’t worry- they are all there. 😀

8 Replies to “The Top 10 Classic Christmas Songs of All Time!”

  1. Music definitely has healing abilities. Listening to music is the first step that helps me escape from sadness. All your listed songs are really special ones. I can also call them TOP 10 Christmas Songs. It’s not a Christmas time now, but it doesn’t mean we can’t listen to the Christmas songs during ordinary days, especially if they can help to heal our souls and make us happier 🙂 

    I like your website, definitely will be back to get some Christmas inspiration!

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you so much for your kind words- I look forward to hearing from you again!

  2. This list is awesome. Music + Christmas = Amazing. I’m definitely getting all the songs on this list, I love to listen to silent night and the hymns too. I’m sending the list to my mom, I know she will definitely love it. 

    Thank you so much for the Christmas spirit. I love it

    1. Awe, thank you so much Alex!

      My Mum likes Christmas music too. I’m not sure what her favourite one is though- I don’t think she can decide! 😀

      I hope to hear from you (and your Mum) again soon!

  3. It is so hard to narrow it down to just 10 – I would have to do 10 this week, 10 next week LOL! You did list my all time favorite O Holy Night – such a beautiful song. I love that you listen to the songs all year long, many people can’t even handle it during the holiday season. I put it on my radio as soon as they start playing it and I bet if they played the holiday channel all year long it would have listeners like you and me. Thanks so much for sharing – I love your website.

    1. Hi Beth!

      Your kind words mean the world to me. And nice choice! O Holy Night is an absolute masterpiece. My aunt used to sing it at Christmas events all the time.

      It would be so awesome if the radio had an all year round Christmas Chanel- I bet they would get a lot of listeners like you say!

      Thanks for reading.

      Sincerely yours,


  4. This list IMMEDIATELY gets me in the Christmas spirit. Nice collection! My sister in law is obsessed with Xmas all year round and she’ll love this. Thank you!

    1. You are most welcome! Give your sister-in-law my best. I hope to hear from you both in the future!

      Sincerely Yours,

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