Top 5 Record Breaking Fun Christmas Games Online

Click. Click. Click. Sigh. You are browsing the web trying to pinpoint the ideal Christmas game to get you into the holiday spirit. Or perhaps you are already full of yule-tide cheer, and you are hoping to skyrocket your excitement by escaping into a snow-clad world filled with Elves, Reindeer, and presents through completing fun Christmas games online. There is just one problem- you can’t find a game that makes your heart pump snowflakes. Nearly all the games you unearth are either uninspiring or even worse; they are paid to play.

Am I in the right skating arena? If so, I can help!

Today I am going to show you the top 5 Christmas games that are free to play online. But before we get to the gaming list, let’s have a quick look at why so many of the holiday games may seem uninspiring to you.

3 Reasons Why You May Find Online Christmas Games Uninspiring

  1. You think the game has no real story-line or plot
  2. You think the graphics are poor
  3. You think the game is to simple and will only be enjoyable to younger audience’s

“Can’t this be said for any online game? Or games in general for that matter?”

Yes, and that is exactly my point. When you are searching for a game to get you into the holiday spirit, you should be keeping the holiday itself in mind. Not the graphics or complexity of the game. Christmas is a simple time where everyone gets together to celebrate fellowship, and to share fun moments such as, decorating your house, opening thoughtful gifts, and eating delicious food. It isn’t about the quality of the gifts you receive or how much more beautiful you can get your house to look in comparison to your neighbours homes. It’s the thought that counts right? Yes. And that is exactly what you should be thinking about when you are browsing the web for your perfect Christmas game. The thought; you want your pastime to create an illusion of the Christmas holiday in order to awaken memories of your childhood or any other warm memory you may have of your past Christmases. In other words- if you feel the urge to give yourself a hug by the time you are through playing your game, then you have found the perfect one!

Another thing you should keep in mind while browsing the web, is that you are looking for a FREE game. Most online games that do not require membership payments are one player flash games that have usually been created by one person, or a small group of people who have a passion for animation. Therefore, you should expect simplicity. Flash games take a very long time to create, as you have to animate every movement and action frame by frame. So although the game you are playing may appear simple in nature; it was certainly not simple for the animators to bring to life.

Now that you have all of this information fresh in your mind, let’s discuss the main qualities you should be looking for when choosing an online sport that is related to the Christmas season.

Qualities to Look For In a Great Christmas Game

  • Appealing Holiday Music. When it comes to creating an illusion for you, and escaping into a new world, nothing works better than music. Especially melodies that are connected to the creation you want to break into. Thus, your ideal Christmas game should have Holiday music playing in the background (such as, Christmas Carols, or general light music that makes you feel cheery) so you will be in the right mind-set.
  • Christmas Oriented Setting. This is an obvious pointer, but one that is still worth mentioning all the same. If you want your game to have an instant heartwarming (and fun) affect on you; the game simply must have a Christmas-y theme. Snow, candy canes, decorated trees and presents are just a few examples of things that could appear within the setting. After all, a game without Christmas related items is not a CHRISTMAS game at all!
  • Undemanding Directives. Christmas shouldn’t be a stressful time therefore; the game you are playing shouldn’t be stressful to control either. Ideally you should be looking for the basic arcade game with up, down, right, left, and jump controls. Or even a game with a simple click control directive.
  • Goals That Compliment the Theme. Sometimes a game may have the setting you are looking for, but the outcome may have nothing to do with it at all. This makes it very difficult to feel attached to the digital world you are trying to escape through. So, for example, if your game takes place on a street that is covered with Christmas decorations, but the overall goal is to deliver milk to customer’s doors on time; then it will be pretty difficult for you to feel engulfed in the Christmas spirit.

By now, you are wondering which Christmas games on the web meet all this criteria. Well, don’t worry a bit! I have a list for you 🙂

The Top 5 Christmas Games Online

Running Rudolph: Help guide little Rudolph through an icy city during Christmas Eve using your mouse to control when, and how far, the reindeer can jump. There are many obstacles you need to avoid in order to get a high score, such as fire hydrants, melted snow puddles, edges of tall buildings, snow covered boulders and much more. However, there are also presents you need to collect, as you go along. Your score will climb higher and higher with each present you obtain!

 Running Rudolph is adorably animated with a chibi –like reindeer, who is surrounded by a cozy Christmas town with wreath decorated homes, and snow covered fences. The start (and play again) menu is equally decorated with bells and holly. This arcade game also has very bouncy music that is quite suitable for a little jumpin’ reindeer. The melody is not a traditional Christmas song, but it suits the game well.

Santa VS Jack: Rock and Roll Santa needs to deliver fancy dress costumes to all the good boys and girls, but Jack Frost is on the prowl, and is using his shooting icicles to stop you! Help Santa deliver the costumes by controlling his sleigh with the up and down arrow buttons on your keyboard, to avoid roof tops and Jack Frost. You can fire packages at Jack by simply clicking your mouse.

Santa VS Jack takes place in a dark city on Christmas Eve with snow covered roof-tops and YOU as Santa soaring through the sky, in his sleigh with Rudolph in the lead. The unique Rockin’ Roll version of “We wish you a Merry Christmas” keeps you awake and full of pep as you go along your journey.

Santa’s Quiz: Click your way through a series of Christmas puzzles within a festive holiday setting! Some activities are easy, such as, being asked to click on the smallest reindeer, but watch out! The North Pole isn’t always where you think it is, and you also need to make sure you click ornaments in the right order… This Christmas quiz isn’t as easy as it appears!

Santa’s Quiz is simply covered in Christmas devices, and cute sound effects and music play for you through-out the experience. There are no arrow keys to worry about at all. Just click!

Santa Penguin: A little penguin wants to look spectacular for Christmas… but can’t figure out what to wear. Can you give him an extra fin? You start by melting an ice cube that the penguin is “trapped in” with his own shower. Once he is free you can dress him up by choosing from a number of different outfits and accessories. You may also choose your preferred background (setting). Santa penguin has chipper music that follows you through your dress-up experience and all your background choices are as equally Christmas oriented as your outfit alternatives.

Christmas Connect: Are you into matching games? If so, there is a Christmas version for you! Using your mouse you may click on all the holiday images that look alike. You will earn points as you go along. Catchy bell music will accompany you during your quest followed by a gorgeous snow covered backdrop.

Christmas connect is as stress free to control as all the rest on this list! Just click to match!

Falalala, lala, la, la! THAT’S IT! Start increasing your love of the Christmas Holiday by double checking that your flash player is installed, and start playing!

Feel free to leave a comment below as well 🙂

6 Replies to “Top 5 Record Breaking Fun Christmas Games Online”

  1. My 7 years old son gets excited on every festivals and Christmas is no exception. Besides, he’s exploring mobile games (which I’m not sure it’s a good thing for his age). Anyway, these are great games to keep him occupied and I can’t wait to his excitement when he’s playing Santa Penguin. He’s starting to develop affection on these birds that live on the ice.

    1. Hello, Kenny!
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I wish I could be there to see your sons excitement in person. Penguins are such amazing and adorable creatures- I had a giant stuffed Christmas Penguin when I was growing up. If I could I would have taken him with me everywhere.

      I hope you and your son have great fun with these games and feel lighthearted as the days go by.
      Sincerely yours,

  2. Christmas year round huh! Who’d a thunk? For someone like me who thought Christmas was just another day of the year, I’ve started to gain an appreciation for days like this. I had no idea it meant getting into the Holiday Spirit with Christmas games that’s for sure. Just to throw some people off at work I’m downloading Santa vs. Jack and keeping it on my desktop. I’ll play once in a while really throw them for a loop! Awesome site and glad I came across it. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi, Jason!
      I’m so glad you found my site helpful- and that you have a new perspective on Christmas.

      In regards to the game- it is an online flash game and may not be downloadable. But you can certainly book mark the page and play the game on your break if you have internet access. I agree that it would throw everyone for a loop!


  3. I absolutely love your website. It’s everything Christmas and this is so great. There are not many people who would think that the holiday could serve all year. Lol. Ever head of Christmas in July? That’s my thought process. You have some great games here I am thinking of trying. I’m always looking for new online games but never thought to look for Christmas games. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome Jen! My favourite game out of the 5 is: Running Rudolph. Hence why I labeled it as number one-heehee. I agree that Christmas is something that most people don’t think about all year round. I used to get really sad when the Christmas Season was over, but then I learned to bring the Christmas spirit with me wherever I go, and eventually I created this website!!! Now I can share my Christmas spirit with the whole world.

      Hope to have you here as a long time visitor, Jen.

      Sincerely yours,

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