Where To Find Discount Christmas Wreaths for the Holiday Season!

Wreaths are so beautiful- and they are one of the most cherished holiday decorations next to the Christmas tree. Residents from around the world use wreaths as a way of symbolising strength. Members of the Lutheran Church use lighted wreaths to symbolise the passage of the 4 weeks of Advent. Yes indeed- wreaths hold many special meanings and purposes, and they can be dated all the way back to the 16th century. However, despite the popularity of these garlands- they can be very difficult to find at an affordable price, both during and beyond the Christmas season. But don’t fret. It is still entirely possible to find discount Christmas wreaths to suit your needs. You just have to know where to look!

Where to Find Discount Christmas Wreaths to Suit Your Needs

Thrift Shops- I have been donating and buying from Thrift Shops all my life. People don’t want their meaningful possessions to be tossed away just because they have to move or downsize. They want their items to go to someone else who will love them just as much as they do. Thus, you can always find wonderful items of both new and vintage quality at stores like the Salvation Army, Sally Ann, or the Hospice Society. Most thrift shops have a special section for holiday treasures as well, and you can often find wreaths there for $3 or less. 🙂

Five-and-ten Cent Stores- These places often get a bad rep for selling poorly made products. But I can tell you from past experience that this is not always the case! I have purchased many wreathes from dime stores that are of gorgeous design and have lasted for over 5 years. So long as you avoid the tinsel style wreaths and spring for the artificial pine needles- you can get a great new long lasting wreath for 5 or 8 dollars!

Craft Fairs- Now, sales at craft fairs may not be considered discount sales because crafters must sell their products for more than the cost of the materials in order to make a living. However, you do not have to worry about tax charges at craft fairs, so if you find a wreath for $10 the total cost will be exactly as is- $10. Crafts people make some truly gorgeous items which are always well worth the money, and I have found that wreaths there range anywhere from $5-$20 depending on the size. And considering these wreaths are made by hand- those costs are really decent!

Grocery store Clearance Sections- It can take several months for large retail brands to sell-out of their many Christmas decorations after the holidays are over. Especially there smaller items like wreaths and tree ornaments. And as such they are forced to bring down the prices to crazy low amounts in order to start selling the next seasonal products. (Valentine’s Day, Easter etc.) I personally have found Christmas wreaths at grocery stores during the middle of March- and on rare occasions the beginning of April! And by that time these wreaths are marked all the way down to $2. So keep your eyes peeled!

Amazon Clearance Listings- I’ll be honest with you here. Most of the wreaths found online are high-end items that come pre-lit with warranties and everything. So the discount listings may not be all that much lower than the original sale prices. And if they are- they won’t be high quality. But if you’re lucky you can find a great wreath for under $30. I have seen a few pop-up for less though- just check out my list at the bottom! 🙂

Now, unfortunately I cannot be with you in person while you search your local shops for Christmas wreaths. But I can however, point out some decently priced wreaths that I have discovered online. You won’t get as much bang for your buck as  you would from the other options- but it’s the best I can do!

Here is the list!

Flower Wreath Artificial Garland

Price: CDN$ 1.42 + CDN$ 5.54 shipping

As you can plainly see this wreath is highly affordable. It isn’t high-end quality, but it has a fairly realistic appearance considering it is made from PVC plastic. The weathered snow is a nice touch for sure. 🙂 So if you are having trouble finding a wreath like this in your home-town you can give this one a try!

Pine (Tinsel) Artificial Christmas Wreath with Red Bowknot

Price: CDN$ 3.64 + CDN$ 4.88 shipping

Strangely enough, this wreath is a bit more expensive than the one listed above it. I say this is strange because although the wreath is listed as ‘pine’ it looks an awful lot like a tinsel wreath to me… the bow is pretty, but as a whole this decoration is definitely not made to last. If you are really desperate for a wreath however it may be an option for you.

Christmas Wreath with Frosted Straw Bows, Apples & Pine Cones

Price: CDN$ 24.37 + CDN$ 22.06 shipping

This wreath has been made to look like the original one(s) that was decorated with naturally growing items. The decorations upon it are wooden and the wreath is made of artificial pine. Not the cheapest wreath out there, but it is certainly much higher in quality!

Christmas Wreath with White Poinsettia

Price: CDN$ 24.99 (Free shipping with Amazon Prime)

I have to admit that I’m a tad attached to this particular wreath. I have always had a place in my heart for gold colour schemes as they make me envision heaven which intern makes me think of absolute peace. The overall design is nice and simple too. Perfect for a quiet tasteful Christmas, and worth checking out if you cannot find a wreath locally. (In my humble opinion that is).

With all sincerity- I hope this article was of help to you today.

If you have any questions or comments- please feel free to leave a message for me below!

Also, do not forget to check out the ‘Holiday Fun’ section of this website for games, drawing ideas and more!

8 Replies to “Where To Find Discount Christmas Wreaths for the Holiday Season!”

  1. What a delightfully colorful and information packed site. Your graphics are gorgeous and I also found it interesting that these are handmade in the Ukraine. I have sort of large doors and was wondering if you know of any in approximately the 50cm diameter size. The Christmas season is so beautiful and the traditional colors always draw us right in by making the doors look so inviting. I like the layout of your site too. It is clear yet festive. It is nice to be able to capture those seasonal emotions. I think I am going shopping. Thank You!


    1. Hi There David! Welcome to my Christmas Blog!

      I’m so glad you feel at home here. In regards to your question: do you have a price range? There are some great listings here(https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=chri…) for the size your are looking for, but the prices vary. If you are able to tell me your budget I will be more than happy to do some research and narrow the options for you!

      I look forward to hearing from you.



  2. Wow! Thanks a lot Darcie for always bringing these decorations. Each time I come across your blog, I am always excited knowing that I will definitely get to learn one thing or the other about Christmas decoration, especially getting them at a discounted rate.

    Wreaths truly symbolize strength and authority. Thrift shops sounds great, I will definitely look out for it. Thanks for writing on this.

    1. Your welcome Gracen. 🙂

      I enjoy hearing from you just as much as you enjoy reading my blog! (Thanks so much by the way)

      I always strive to list the very best deals in order for my readers to have the best Christmas experience possible. Soon I will be offering more in depth reviews as well.

      Let me know how your thrift shopping goes! It’s always such a joy for me.



  3. Hi Darc’ie.

    Your posts are always helpful. I like your thrift store suggestion. I think it’s the best bet for someone that does mind buying already used goods, who wants to save some bucks. 

    But for someone that wants it fresh from the manufacturer, then the amazon clearance sale option will serve best, for such a person. 

    1. It’s wonderful to hear from you again Peace!

      Your supportive words always help make my day. And I agree with you on both points. Thrift store will always be my favorite option I think. 🙂



  4. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Wreaths  are so beautiful, I love them aside with Christmas trees. Your post made me to remember when I was young starring at wreaths always, looking on how beautiful and amazing it is. I would love to try amazon on getting Flower Wreath Artificial Garland at a discount price. Thanks for the information 

    1. You are most welcome for the information. 🙂 I’m glad you found it helpful. The flowered wreath is definitely attractive price-wise- if you decide to bring it into your home I would love to see a picture.

      Sincerely yours,


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